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Privacy Policy

(‘The Angelus’)

Privacy Policy

1.     The Angelus respects your privacy and supports your right to privacy under international law. The way we collect and use your information is always being reviewed. To the best of our knowledge, we comply with the privacy laws operating in common law countries and the civil law countries of Europe.

2.    For the purposes of our privacy policy, the services and products we agree to provide are prayer formation programs, prayer guides, prayer songs and music, prayer CDs and DVDs, religious art and memorabilia, religious objects including statues, medals and rosaries, and prayer books and booklets. The way you access our services and goods is through your computer meaning a smartphone, tablet, personal computer (PC), laptop or other electronic device as identified from time to time.

3.    When you purchase one of our services or products or become a member of The Angelus, we collect your name, email address and other personal information which we undertake to respect. We will not access your email contacts, social networks or business groups without your specific agreement in writing.

4.    Your membership of The Angelus gives you an entitlement to store personal information including your prayer intentions on our website. This space is secure and cannot be accessed without your login details, but we reserve the right to access your account for audit and security purposes.

5.    When you access our website or your login account, we record information about your computer such as its Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, identification number and operating system. We also identify your mobile device (smartphone) carrier and metadata concerning your files.

6.    If you accept cookies, we collect information to improve our service delivery such as automatic login to your account when we recognise your browser. Cookies also allow us to monitor the way you use The Angelus website to ensure you are making optimum use of all its features.

7.    We will not normally disclose your personal information to third parties without your specific agreement unless required by law to do so. If we are obliged to provide your personal information to law enforcement agencies, we will use our best endeavours to remove The Angelus encryption codes from the files.

8.    In the event that The Angelus is involved in a sale, merger or acquisition involving its assets, we will notify you of any change in control or use of your personal information with the object of affording you the opportunity to opt out of any alteration or variation in our privacy policy.

9.    If you decide that any change in our privacy policy adversely affects your privacy rights, you must notify us in writing of your intention to opt out of the new privacy policy. You are bound by the new privacy policy if you continue to use The Angelus web services after we notify you of any change.

10.    Your personal information may be retained by The Angelus for as long as your login account remains active. If you cancel your account or do not renew your annual subscription, we will retain your personal information for 30 days or as required by law. You may delete your account or unsubscribe to us at any time.

Terms & Conditions

1.    All services and products on our website are produced by members of The Angelus and we support and endorse the work of our members. Australian Consumer Law provides that all services and products include statutory representations and warranties and we will assist you to enforce your rights in the event that you are not satisfied with our services and products.

2.    When you purchase the services and products on or website you do so on the understanding that The Angelus takes your order and provides a tax invoice while our members package and deliver the services or products you order. Any issues about the quality and suitability of our products and services should be addressed to us in writing at the address on our website.

3.    Angelus members selling services or products on our website agree that they are bound by the terms and conditions of our licence agreement.

    17 May 2014

    Mary of the Angelus Association (‘the Angelus’) duly registered as an incorporated association in Australia (INC Y2411204) and recognised as a private lay association under church law (CIC canon 299) (Licensor)
    You an Angelus member duly registered for business and tax purposes selling services and/or products on our website www.angelusprayforus.com (‘Angelus website’) and agreeing to the terms and conditions of this licence (Licensee)

A.    Licensor agrees to supply the Licensee with space on the Angelus website to sell services and products related to the work of the Angelus and approved by the Board.
B.    Licensor licenses the Licensee to modify, use, alter, amend, copy or otherwise reproduce the Licensee’s space on the Angelus website either in printed or electronic form for the Licensee’s personal or business use.
C.    Licensor reserves all other rights to the Angelus website including all copyright in the words, photographs, images, logos and depictions which appear on the website and may incorporate some or all of the work of the Licensee.
D.    Licensor disclaims all and any liability arising in connection with the use of the Licensee’s space on the Angelus website whether in its original form or altered or amended by or for use by the Licensee.
E.    Licensor claims a non-exclusive right to issue tax invoices for all services and products sold on the Angelus website by the Licensee and to bear the cost of administering payment by customers on the understanding that the Licensee will arrange packaging and delivery of the services and products.

A.    Licensee may modify, use, alter, amend, copy or otherwise reproduce the Licensee’s space on the Angelus website either in printed or electronic form for the Licensee’s personal or business use.
B.    Licensee agrees not to re-sell, hire, lend or otherwise exploit the Licensee’s space on the website for commercial purposes either in its original form or as altered or amended by the Licensee without approval in writing from the Angelus board.
C.    Licensee acknowledges that the Licensor gives no warranty and makes no representation in respect of the suitability of the Licensee’s space on the Angelus website for selling the Licensee’s services or products.
D.    Licensee acknowledges that the Licensor may update the website from time to time and may invite the Licensee to update the Licensee’s space on the website.
E.    Licensee retains all copyright and moral rights as the creator, author and producer of the Licensee’s services and products and enters this agreement on the understanding that the Licensor will not make any changes to the Licensee’s property rights without prior permission.

A.    Licensee and Licensor agree that sales achieved through the Angelus website are divided 70 per cent to the Licensee and 30 per cent to the Licensor inclusive of GST provided that the Licensee shall inform the Licensor if the Licensee is not liable to pay GST so that the price is reduced accordingly.
B.    This licence agreement may be terminated by either party giving to the other twenty-one (21) days’ notice in writing and any dispute between the parties shall be resolved by arbitration under the Australian Consumer Law.
C.    Upon termination of this licence agreement for any reason the Licensee shall forthwith refrain from using the words ‘The Angelus’ or ‘Mary of the Angelus Association’ when branding or marketing its services or products.


The Angelus retains the copyright to its services and products and Angelus members retain the copyright to their services and products. We value the moral rights of the creative people who have contributed to our brand. Needless to say, we believe our material is original, but if there is evidence to the contrary, we want to hear about it. We recognise and respect the moral rights of other creative people no less than The Angelus contributors and we will withdraw any material that obviously breaches copyright.

Users of our services and products must also comply with copyright laws. Let us know if any material on our website whether in written, photographic or artistic form originating from one of our members appears to involve copyright infringement and we will investigate. You need to send us the offending material or provide a link to it together with the material you believe is the original work.

Please note that alleged breaches of copyright are not always easy to recognise and are often hotly disputed. There are cases where the copyright owner authorises the use of their material. In some cases such as for education purposes the law permits the copyright material to be used with attribution to the copyright owner. While we agree to investigate alleged breaches of copyright by the users of our services and products, it may not be appropriate to intervene.

The most we can generally do to enforce copyright is to withdraw the material from our website if it is shown to be in obvious breach of copyright laws. We accept no responsibility for the actions of members contributing to our website who we always presume will act in good faith. Any action to enforce copyright is at the sole discretion of The Angelus.

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