Working with the Homeless

Angelus Homeless Projects

February 2011
Angel Housing for the Anawim is still progressing with our two houses ready for up to ten residents by March.   The target group for this type of housing is for mature aged single women with no dependents on a pension or Centerlink payment. . These houses are positioned in a rainforest setting with a bus at the door and provide a quiet and tranquil environment for all those seeking a safe and secure environment. At present we have three people already in residence and we are still preparing the other rooms with beds, linen and household goods.  A big ‘Thank You’ for all those who have donated to this cause.
I ask for your continued support for this project.  Last year it was a prayer concept and now this year it is a reality.

home working with homelessHomeless Project

Paul is working in conjunction with St. Vincent e Paul Homeless project Officer and the recently initiated programs by the government such as On track has helped me to place persons who were not suitable or ready to move on from the Homeless Accommodation at the Winsome.  I am involved in the Lismore Councils initiative and a member of the board for welfare providers to meet every six months for networking workshops to co-ordinate services. I am able to wear two hats one for the Winsome and the other for Mary of the Angelus Association.    

Angelus House in Lismore:
Angelus House has an open door policy of providing accommodation to those in emotional and financial distress especially women from ethnic backgrounds. This year we provided support to a number of Nigerian and Ethiopian women.
 Their ethnic English Language teacher was a resident of Angelus House and our policies of inclusiveness and  being welcome at Angelus House helped them not to feel so alienated in the community of Lismore. We also provided sheets, blankets and kitchen resources for their rented houses.

Lismore’s Anawim Community:
Angelus members at the A.G.M. visited the Winsome Hotel for the Homeless and joined in their praise and worship service and shared a meal with the Soup Kitchen Patrons.  Our A.G.M. venue was opposite the Winsome Hotel in a former Funeral Parlour Chapel that had held services for over 100 years for the Lismore District and this venue’s history became the topic for our Intercessory Prayer Sessions over the weekend to pray for the pioneers and ancestors of our district.

Individual or Family Homestays:  In house with host family for the negotiated rate and time

Independent homestay:   Use your own facilities eg bus or caravan and pay for the site fees on the host family property for the agreed time

Community Service:  Homestay with an opportunity to participate in Angelus community program at the location.

Angelus House – Brisbane
On the 16th October 2013 we were invited by Archbishop Mark Coleridge to “pitch our tent” in the Brisbane archdiocese.   Over a number of months we were  wondering where ‘to pitch the tent’ and as we prayed, looked and considered different possibilities an opportunity presented itself and we are happy to report that with the financial assistance from our friends we are now in the process of setting up an ‘Angelus Prayer House’ in Brisbane.
The house will incorporate a Meeting Place, Teaching resources and Kitchen Facilities.  We will have a private Prayer Room, Gardens and an Office for the Angelus.  In line with our commitment to the ‘Anawim’ we will set aside a room for short term emergency accommodation and join the ‘Angelus Home Stay’ Program that is being developed on the web site.

We have meet with different prayer groups who are now negotiating to use the house for their weekly prayer groups and outreach days.  Some initial talks have been had with a Catholic Community group that has expressed an interest to partner us in community projects and hopefully find government funding and explore the use the volunteer programs to assist us with the manpower.  
It is exciting because this will be a house of hope and healing and give us a permanent, visible prayer house and office.  We thank all those who contributed both financially and in prayer.  We look forward to writing to the Archbishop to confirm that we have indeed “pitched our tent”