Volunteering with the Angelus

Volunteering is a way for people to become involved in their communities, but the term 'volunteering' has the potential to mean different things to different people.
Volunteering in Queensland has identified five models of volunteering encompassing the different ways in which volunteers engage with their communities:






Mary of the Angelus volunteers can be involved with all models

Formal volunteering involves a volunteer working in an ongoing and defined role for a nonprofit organisation.

Project based volunteering occurs when volunteers work for a nonprofit organisation to achieve specific outcomes.

Governance Volunteers on boards and management committees work within a different structure again

Non-formal - when community members come together around a shared interest this is also a form of volunteering.

Social Action groups are similar to self-help groups in that people come together around a shared interest, but differ in that for social action groups that interest is in bringing about defined changes.
Mary of the Angelus Volunteers can be involved with all models in our of our Outreach Activities

Steps to become a Volunteer

Step One:
Make sure that you check your eligibly for the volunteering Payment with Centalink
Ask for the Volunteering Application to bring to your interview
Step Two:
Arrange for an interview with your selected not for profit organization that you wish to volunteer in
Step three:
At the interview there will be expectation from both parties
Application Form
Job Description
Rights and Responsibilities
If your application is approved complete the paperwork and orientation and attend your first Induction session

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