Angelus referrals

Referrals for Ministry:
Our relationship with the Winsome Hotel for the Homeless and my position on the Management Board allows me the opportunity to recognise abusive behavior, report and refer people to the available service.  Numerous people are referred to Mary of the Angelus for emotional support, care and follow up through their mentoring program

Mentoring at the Lismore Soup Kitchen

lismore soup kitchen 1Soup Kitchen:
Over the past year our group has been active in outreach to those in emotional and
financial need who come to the Lismore Soup Kitchen.  We refer them to the
resident medical Doctor and to the visiting mental health Nurse.  Paul is Involved
with Kyros on an administrative and mentoring role for prison ministry and those on
parole.  Invited as a homeless person adviser to the board of St. Vincent de Paul for
providing more services to the poor in the North Coast of N.S.W.

 We have initiated and applied for numerous grants and have  been successful for applying for funding grants from the State and the North Coast Community Foundation for the purchase of a new gas oven for the Soup Kitchen.  

In his role as the Center Manager of the Winsome Hotel Paul receives referrals from all welfare organizations  Centrelink, government Agencies and not for profits associations  for the housing of the homeless. I liaise with the St. Vincent de Paul Homeless Project Officer for housing and also refer suitable persons to Angelus House in Lismore for accommodation.