Welcome to ACAFE
Last year the association was approved on the ‘Feast of the Visitation’ and we thought that it was an excellent opportunity to do what Mary did when she got the good news – off she went to have a visit and perhaps coffee, conversation and companionship with Elizabeth.

So we made a commitment and invited other people to an intentional conversation every day to share the mystery of life with anyone who wanted to meet and chat.    We believe Companionship is about holding each person in a safe environment to talk about their life experiences.  It is like having a listening post – someone to share our experiences with who will encourage and support us.

ACAFE has taken us too many different places this year – close to home and away, sharing life with someone different each day. Some of the places we have been this year includes Gold Coast, Townsville, Rockhampton, Forrest Beach, Collinsville, All over Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Russell Island,  Toowoomba, Lismore, Ballina, Casino, Sydney, Albury, and all places in between.  
We are not problem solvers or councilors – just ordinary people trying to make sense out of the mystery of our lives.  Our Facebook site – ACAFE has proved a popular source of amusement for us and our fellow coffee drinkers.

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